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“Cleanliness is next to Godliness”. This saying holds prominence for our houses as well as the surrounding area in its close proximity. A skip hire is all what you need when eliminating a huge chunk of waste material from your place.

A skip hire is a huge-sized container that can load tonnes of unwanted material in it. You may need the assistance of a skip hire while disposing away large quantities of debris or garbage. You can hire a skip in accordance to your requirements.

You may have thrown a grand birthday bash at your place, inviting a major group of the entire nation will automatically generate tonnes of wet and dry waste post the party. You will definitely need a skip during such hours to ease your process of gathering waste.

A skip can be hired for private and commercial purposes. It is essential to have a fair estimate regarding the quantity of waste generated and opt for a small or large skip accordingly. Debris, household waste, old unwanted items, etc. can be discarded.

Skips have become popular due to their flexible availability time period to match your criteria. They are super convenient, affordable, and effective to use.

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Why Hire a Skip?

Skips and the only non-living things that are so deeply concerned for the environment. They can be used for several occasions that lead to waste production.

While we own a brand-new packet of crisps that is still sealed, it holds prominence in our lives. But once we are done eating the same packet is now a waste that needs to be disposed of. We simply eat and throw.


A couple of situations wherein a skip is the best of remedies accessible:


Domestic Use

While experimenting in the kitchen for crafting a dish that shall blow away the consumer’s mind, we happen to generate a lot of waste. Especially when the food prepared is intended for a large number of people and it’s your first encounter with cooking.

Customizing our homes is always a fun filled endeavour. But the amount of waste produced is often not discussed. You can select a skip and rent it according to the amount of waste to be discarded.


Pave Way/ Driveway

Due to heavy rains your pave way may develop some cracks, resulting into biding it adieu and installing a new driveway. You can dispose of the old pave way by hiring a mini skip and being totally at ease. You’ll surely enjoy the entire process as it won’t break your legs.


Unwanted Waste Clearance of Old Places

When moving into a new house the most awful process is discarding away the leftover belongings of the ex-tenant. It may include bulky rubbish like furniture, mattresses, etc that can be given away through a skip hire.


Garden Clean-Ups

We always want your garden to reflect our inner personality. Now, that requires a proper maintenance for the same. Cleaning the garden and trimming the grass into a presentable model generates a bulk amount of organic waste.

A skip will load the unrequired stuff onto its back to help you eradicate waste efficiently.

What CAN/CANNOT be Removed by a Skip? Most common questions.

What can you put inside a skip?

You may greet your guests with a warm welcoming gesture but skips aren’t that welcoming to all the contents that you may try to insert within them. They come with their own set of preferences. So, you’ll have to generate waste accordingly.

Items like:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Bulbs
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics (tv, fridge, freezer, a/c, etc.)
  • Gas bottles
  • Medical (paraphernalia, medications)
  • Oils
  • Full Paint Tins [1]
  • Pesticides
  • Plasterboards [2]
  • Rubber materials (tyres)
  • Toxic items

[1] Empty paint tins are allowed.
[2] Possible with a separate bag, ask for more information before booking.

Fuelled by the idea of protecting and nurturing the environment, discarding waste is our prime responsibility. Likewise, segregating specific items from the regular skip waste is also our second most basic accountability.

This is because the waste present in the skip is directly sent for decomposition to generate manure and terminate a large chunk of waste. But the materials listed above either doesn’t decompose and should be recycled or produce volatile and toxic gases during decomposition.

Hence, it is mandatory to remove such hazardous items and give them away separately to the skip in charge. They come along with specific bags intended for specific items. You may insert those items in their respective bags.

What is allowed?

  • Green waste
  • Soil
  • Branches
  • Furniture
  • Empty Paint Tins
  • Tiles
  • Bricks
  • Mattresses [3]
  • Clothes
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Cardboard (paper, books)
  • Plastic (Toys)

[3] Ask for more information before booking, additional cost may apply.

Small Or Large Skip? - What Is Best For Me?

The size of the skip is a subjective approach, as it will vary based on the amount of waste generated. The more intense task you commit, the more amount of waste shall be produced.

Opting for an ideal skip size will eliminate the risk of spending beyond budget. You have a huge array of options available to choose from. Skips come in various shapes, sizes, measurements and depths, each designed for a stipulated quantity of waste.


Based on the foundation of the total waste generated there are a few forms of skips available in the market:

Mini Skip

Mini skips are the most affordable ones from the entire lot. They are specially designed for small household waste materials to be collected and disposed away. They are quite reliable and can load up to 3 tonnes of waste conveniently.

While you accomplish your target of a newly renovated bathroom, don’t let the waste generated trouble you in your dreams. Look out for a mini skip to get your small scale and domestic waste produced to meet its end.

Bigger house renovations also produce certain levels of waste. A mini skip is mostly available in 2 to 3 yards size to swallow the most fundamental level waste that you want to dispose of. These skips are remarkable due to their small and compact size.

Next time while experimenting in life, don’t fret and opt for a mini skip to discard the waste conveniently without bothering yourself with trips to the recycling centre.

3 Yard Skip

Midi Skip

Designed for domestic purposes especially for the waste generated while doing single room renovations. It is sized to a 4 cubic yards container to fit in most of the stuff within it. It has a large capacity of storing huge chunks of waste.

4 Yard Skip

Builders Skip

As the name suggests these skips are used for commercial purposes. They are formulated to load more concrete-like materials in them and come in a 6 cubic yards size. They are robust and can store in them mammoth quantities of waste.

While renovating your entire house and customizing each and every aspect of it, we unknowingly produce bulk amounts of waste that are difficult to handle and dispose of. Instead of hiring a truck to load, you can simply opt for a builder skip.

It is an affordable and convenient alternative to dispose of commercial waste. Waste produced on a commercial level is considerably huge than a domestic one. Hence, you need a more capable skip in terms of size and volume.

6 Yard Skip

Most Popular for Domestic Use

Maxi Skip

The name depicts it all. It is a huge sized skip from a domestic use point of view, larger than the builder skip. Similar to a builder skip, these skips are also intended for disposing of commercial waste.

They are sized at an unbelievable capacity of 12 cubic yards making them susceptible to digest ample quantities of waste.

10 Yard Skip

RoRo Skip

The most robust and super powerful ones are the RoRo skips. RoRo is an abbreviated form for Roll on Roll off skips.

Imagine the quantity of waste produced while laying the foundations of a township. The RoRos are designed for such intense commercial projects with a waste endurance of 20 to 40 yards.

20 Yard Skip

Have you ever been intimidated by the fact that someone else hoards your skip with their waste leaving no space for you to put your garbage? Don’t worry anymore as skips also come with locks to secure your skip for yourself only.

Lockable skips are designed with locks to secure them tight when you can’t safeguard them in the night.

More information about different sizes here.

What’re Skip Hire Prices in Newcastle?

Skip hiring venture takes place using some protocols and pricings as listed below:

Pricing by Size

The size is the most prime factor to determine the cost of the skip. Based on your requirements the skip size is intended to vary thus affecting the cost of the skip.

A mini skip any day will be affordable than the maxi skip. The larger product you hire, the more money will you need to invest. You may avail some discounts based on your frequency of hiring a skip.

Don’t negotiate with the size as it will affect the execution of the gathering waste. So, opt for a skip that best fits into your parameters by paying a little extra.

The skip hire will be responsible for removing the waste containers. Keep in mind, recycling is important to both the skip hire and waste removal industry. Somewhere around 80 percent of collected rubbish will be recycled and knowing what should and shouldn’t be included can save you money too.

Costs of Council Permits

If you happen to place your skip in a public space than permit council cost is a kind of tax that you are obliged to pay for acquiring space in the public vicinity. This is as a permission criterion to be fulfilled to not face repercussions in the future.

If you are willing to locate your skip in your backyard then you are certainly freed from the permit council cost as you don’t need permission to do so.

Most of the times, skip providers calculate the total cost of the skip inclusive of the permit council costs as needed. The permit cost depends on the locality where you reside.

Check the council website and apply for a permit.


The time slot of which you possess a skip is definitely going to be directly proportional to the amount of money you have to pay. The duration for which you own the product symbolises that you are the one responsible for its well-being throughout that period.

It will simultaneously result in an increment in your permit council costs as well. Certain skip providers come with an unlimited time period of ownership at affordable costing. Depending upon your area and service provider the charge will vary accordingly.


More costs

Skips do not comprise of any hidden costs. The price that you see is the price that you pay. But if you violate the laws by adding the prohibited items [4] into the skip will lead to a penalty for your wrongdoings.

Before finalizing on a skip provider make sure that they have included VAT (Value Added Tax) in the final costing or else you will have to pay it separately.

If you follow the laws rightly and the skip provider has already included the VAT then you surely don’t need to pay any additional penny. Coordinate with your skip provider and clarify things beforehand only.



According to the region of the UK in which you own an apartment will also play a key factor in determining the cost of your skip. Certain regions consist of costlier skips as compared to the rest.

Sometimes the region in which you reside shall not have a skip provider available at that time and you may need to request a skip from a remote location. This may result in a onetime increment in the cost of the skip.

How Can I Reduce Skip Hire Service Costs?

Follow the guide given below to pay the minimal cost for an efficient and effective skip:


Avoid Council Permits

Placing your skips in your owned location like your backyard will eliminate the extra tax that you need to pay for occupying the public property.

The number of days for which you possess the skip will also not affect the total price you are obliged to pay as you will be utilizing your own piece of land.


Don’t Place Restricted Items in It

Storing prohibited items in the skip will only invite overhead expenses that could have been totally avoided. Follow the protocols correctly [5] and pay only for the service asked for.

Placing prohibited items into the skip makes you eligible to be fined and depending upon the quantity of the prohibited items the price is subject to increment.


Don’t Overload the Skip

Fill the skip to its fullest capacity but don’t go overboard it with the same. Filling the skip beyond the stipulated limit permits the provider to charge you for more trips to the recycling centre.

Order a skip as per the amount of waste generated to avoid splurging for it in the future.


Split the Cost

Form alliances with your neighbours to minimize the cost of hiring a skip. You can conveniently split the share equally amongst each other to reduce some numbers.

This aids infrequent interactions with your surrounding mates along with average savings on the frequent skip services.

Book in Advance.

Often quick services are priced at a higher cost. Opting for an in advance service will ensure that the provider receives some amount of time before making the delivery of the skip. Immediate deliveries need quick action to be taken and a rush for the supply of goods. Same day skips cost a little bit more.

Booking in advance will help you to decide well and finalize on a product that will satisfy your needs.

Avoid hiring a skip during the months of April and May as during these months the cost of skips are much higher than regular. These months are the most hustling months as there is a rise in sales during this time period in the UK.

Every day updated data of how busy the Coventry skip hire service is. Basted on average searches and interest on Google.

What Not To Do With Your Skip?

    1. While the skip is being transported from your place to the disposal ground, chances are that the overfilled skip may spill some of the contents on the way leading to pollution of the environment and a penalty imposed on you.


    1. Setting the waste ablaze in the skip will only contaminate the air and is also a punishable offense. Let the skip providers take the necessary actions for disposing of the waste.


    1. Placing items that shouldn’t be a part of the skip is yet another violating act. The waste collected in the skip is solely intended for either recycling or production of manure. Placing hazardous stuff into the skip will cause adversity for nature.


    1. Locating a bulky structured skip on a soft tarmac surface will only damage the plane and result in the formation of an uneven and rough finish. It is important to take care of your surroundings while getting rid of waste at the same time.


  1. Show adequate concern for passers-by and locate the skip in a way that doesn’t hinder their scheduled commuting. Don’t curate unnecessary problems of people you may or may not know. Let them travel as per their ease.

What Papers Can I Expect?

You will be given, upon drop off of the skip, a delivery ticket. When the skip hire company returns to remove the skip at the end of the project, you get a waste transfer note. This information will contain everything you need, including the date, details of the waste removal, and the company’s information.

How long can you hire a skip for?

Hiring a skip is based on the number of days the waste will be generated. You may hire a skip for as short as a couple of hours or for a good 14 days duration. Depending upon the need of the hour hire a skip to fulfill your necessity.

The time period for your hire will depend upon the region and the permit council as well.

Where Does My Waste End Up?

The waste once collected from you will head on to a waste transfer station in order to be deposit waste there for a short period before it is loaded onto a lorry for adequate disposal.

The non-biodegradable waste is sent for recycling whereas the biodegradable ones are sent for composting. The hazardous ones are operated by trained people to get rid of effectively.

Certain waste materials are sent for incineration or to a landfill for dumping it there for time being.


Gone are days when you had to load your vehicle with waste in order to dispose of them away. Leaving your car unbearable to commute within. Now is the time to take charge of yourself as well as the environment to eradicate waste.

The waste formation is an inevitable phenomenon that will last long until the earth survives. Disposing of away waste is totally in our hands. Hire a skip now to eliminate the venomous side-effects of waste clutter in your surroundings.

Don’t throw away waste in a haphazard way depicting your least concern towards the environment. We thrive as a result of the thriving spirit of the environment. Any disturbance in this spirit will lead to deadly reports in the future.

Book an appointment with Impala Skip Hire to avail the finest skip services in the entire United Kingdom. As responsible and concerned civilians of the UK we take cleanliness as our prime duty to let the thriving spirit of the UK keep soaring sky-high.

We provide the skips with firm endurance and through authentic and reputed suppliers at affordable rates. Our aim is to eliminate waste from the UK in a way that doesn’t take a toll on the lives of living organisms.

Cleaner surroundings will result in healthier surroundings and eventually healthier citizens. Now is your call to hold yourself accountable for all your country mates and join hands with us to cast out waste.

Time waits for none so, hurry up and avail your initial skip service with us.

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