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There is over 1.1 million tonnes of waste created in Greater Manchester every year. The council aims to make the amount of non-recyclable waste zero in a number of years. That’s the reason why you’ll be heavily fined if you put too much rubbish in your wheelie bin, or if you put non-recyclable items in the recycling bin.

While you can manage with your day-to-day waste, you’re not going to want to risk putting waste from a home project or clearance into your normal bins. You need to use proactive local skip hire company that’s here to serve you.

Let’s face it, our service prices are nothing compared to the fine you’ll receive for putting out too much waste. Manchester city council has already introduced fines for putting pizza boxes with leftover pizza inside into the recycling bin.

Impala Same Day Skips

When you realize you need a skip, or you’ve been told it’s time to tidy the yard, you want to find local skip hire services that really deliver.

That’s why you turn to Impala. We offer same-day skips at affordable rates, whether you’re looking for a small or large skip.

Same day skips can be with you within 24 hours of ordering them. Or, if you prefer to set a date and time in the future we can accommodate you. Simply give us a call and we’ll discuss skip hire prices, the size of your skip, and where you want it placed.

Don’t forget that if you’re intending to put the skip on the pubic highway you will almost certainly need a permit. You’ll need to apply to the local council and a permit can take up to a week, give yourself plenty of time to sort this before your skip is delivered.

You should note that the council will not usually give a permit if you want anything bigger than an 8-yard skip on the road.

Of course, we’re here to help. If you’re struggling with skip size, permit details, or just have a question, give us a call and you’ll get to speak to our extremely friendly and professional customer service team.

We’re a national company but our Manchester office is staffed by locals with local knowledge.

Types of waste

If you need a skip to clear home waste you’d be forgiven for thinking that you can hire a standard cheap domestic skip. Unfortunately, when it comes to waste the standards are constantly changing. There are a number of items that you can’t place in a domestic skip, including liquids, plasterboard, tyres, electrical items, asbestos, and more.

It’s worth talking to us about the types of waste you’re intending to dispose of, we can help you to hire the right skip for your waste and avoid additional charges or fines.

Sizing Your Skip

We offer mini skips, small sips, often referred to as a 4-yard skip, a 6-yard skip, a large skip, generally referred to as the 8-yard skip or bigger.

It can get confusing, this quick guide should help you to understand what size really suits your needs:

This holds approximately 20-30 bags of waste. It’s a great solution if you’re having a clear-out or you’re undertaking a small project in your home.

This is the best option if you’re refitting a kitchen or bathroom and need somewhere to dispose of the old appliances and cupboards.

The skip can handle 30-40 bags of rubbish, making it a safe bet for most projects at home.

This big domestic skip is designed to handle between 50-80 bags of waste and is the right solution if you’re undertaking a renovation or need to get rid of bulky items.

Skip Size Infographic

Choosing the right skip size allows you to find a middle ground between budget and what is required to finish the job quickly without unnecessary trips to empty your skip.

There are plenty of other options, contact us today to discuss your needs and get the best possible customer service for skip hire in Manchester.

You won’t be disappointed!

Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need a Permit?

Depends. If your skip will be placed OFF-ROAD (private property) then you don’t need any permit. However skip placed ON-ROAD (street, footpath) requires a permit.

How to apply for a permit and what is the cost?

In most cases, you can apply online on or simply contact your local council. The permit fee ranges from £10 to £70(London).

How full can my skip be?

Waste pile can’t be higher than the skip upper edge. Anything over is considered unsafe to any type of road transport.

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