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Skip Hire Size Comparison - Capacity And Dimensions

What’s Right for You?

If you’re producing a lot of waste, then hiring a waste skip can be useful. It’s a cost and time efficient way of getting rid of all that waste while ensuring that it’s properly disposed of.

Our skips come in a wide range of sizes and designs suitable for different circumstances. This lets you make the most of local skip hire services that will fit your project. Large or small, we’ve got the skip for you, from 2-yard to 40-yard skips. We can help you find one that suits you, letting you dispose of the waste you’re producing.

This guide will help you decide what size of skip you need.

Mini Skips – 2 Yards to 3 Yards

The smallest size of skips, mini skip hire is useful when you’ve got a self-contained project that’s creating more waste than you can easily deal with. This could include a limited bathroom or kitchen refit, clearing up a garden, or doing some decluttering. These skips are small enough to fit on most properties, which saves you from having to get a council permit for the skip. It makes hiring a small skip for a simple project straightforward.

Gentlemen Standing Next to The Skip "Thomas" is 6 Feet Tall

2 Yard Mini Skip

3 Yard Mini Skip

Midi Skips - 4 Yards

A little bigger than the mini skips, these are useful for more substantial renovation and DIY work. This could be a full-on bathroom or kitchen replacement, cleaning up a large or overgrown garden, or clearing out a house with a lot of junk that’s not suitable to be re-used. Midi skips are particularly useful for gardening jobs, as they often have drop doors that make it easier to cart in timber, soil, or other bulky waste.

4 Yard Midi Skip

Builders Skips – 6 Yards to 8 Yards

A common choice for professional builders, these skips are ideal for construction and building waste from substantial projects. While this is most often professional work, these skips can also be useful for big DIY home renovation projects, for example if you’re renovating a number of rooms on moving in, and for large scale gardening work. Commercial rubbish can also be got rid of this way, as long as it’s in limited quantities.

6 Yard Builder Skip

8 Yard Builder Skip

Maxi Skips – 10 Yards to 18 Yards

At the large-scale end of home projects, you might want a large skip bin. These can be used for full home renovations, clearing large gardens, and even some commercial and industrial waste disposal, depending upon what the waste is. If you’re cleaning up the premises for a whole company or renovating an office, then this provides the large-scale waste disposal you’ll need. It’s the ideal way to get rid of bulky objects and heavy materials from construction work.

10 Yard Maxi Skip

12 Yard Maxi Skip

14 Yard Maxi Skip

16 Yard Maxi Skip

Roll-on Roll-off Skips – 20 Yards to 40 Yards

When a regular sized skip won’t do, skip hire companies can provide these huge containers. Roll-on roll-off skips deal with large volumes of industrial or commercial waste, or multiple projects taking place at the same time at the same site. If you know that you’re going to face a huge quantity of waste, then a roll-on roll-off skip will provide the answer.

20 Yard Skip

25 Yard Skip

30 Yard Skip

40 Yard Skip

Lockable Skip Hire – For Secure Waste Disposal

These skips come in a range of different sizes, to meet a range of different needs.

Perhaps you have waste that needs protecting, because it could contain sensitive information. Perhaps it needs to be sheltered in case things blow away or react badly with rain. Perhaps you want to stop other people adding their waste to your skip. A lockable skip can answer all these problems

How to Pick the Right Size of Skip for You?

In finding the right skip, the first step is to get a good estimate for how much rubbish you’re going to produce. If there are professionals involved in the work, then they should be able to give you an idea of what’s needed. If not, then try to find someone who has done similar work before.

Once you’ve got an estimate for how much rubbish you’re making, use our size guide to identify the skip that can take that much. Remember, the skip has to be big enough for what you’re doing – if it’s filled up above the edges then the company won’t be able to take it away.

By following our size guide, you can pick out a skip that’s the right size for you and the work you’re doing. If you’re not sure, or you’re struggling to work out how much rubbish you’ll make, then contact us and we’ll do our best to help.

We’ll provide a quote based on local sources for skip hire in your area. That way, you can get the right balance between size and cost, and so the ideal deal for you.

We want to make sure you get skip hire at a price that suits you, so contact us today for a quote.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit?

Depends. If your skip will be placed OFF-ROAD (private property) then you don’t need any permit. However skip placed ON-ROAD (street, footpath) requires a permit.

How to apply for a permit and what is the cost?

In most cases, you can apply online on or simply contact your local council. The permit fee ranges from £10 to £70(London).

How full can my skip be?

Waste pile can’t be higher than the skip upper edge. Anything over is considered unsafe to any type of road transport.

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