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If you’ve lived in Tamworth all your life you probably know your town pretty well. You’ll also be aware that the cost of disposing of waste is rising, restrictions at the local recycling centre are making it difficult for residents to get rid of their waste in the right way.

The result has been an increase in fly-tipping, as you’ll have noticed in the lanes around the edges of the town. But, if you’re caught doing this you face a large fine, that’s not a viable or attractive option.

Fortunately Impala Skip Hire in Tamworth is here to help, we have a range of products available to suit every customer, whether you have a lot of waste to dispose of or just a small amount.

Contact us to get competitive prices and friendly local advice, giving you peace of mind and a legal, cost-effective solution to your waste issues.

Why Rent Your Waste Skip With Impala?

As mentioned, our offices are staffed by locals who are eager to assist you in locating the right skip, you’ll be impressed by their dedication and our prices!


It doesn’t matter what your goal is, we are here and ready to help you.

Whether you want same service, the largest skip, or simply the most cost effective, our services are built around friendly customer service. We won’t just guide you through the process, we’ll make sure you’ve considered all the options, chosen the right waste container and have it as long as you need it to complete the job.

We’re registered and insured, making sure that you have the very best service while we handle any issues. Your satisfaction is genuinely important to us.

If you’re not a professional it can be difficult to know which size container you should be hiring, whether you need a permit, how long you should have the it for, and even where to put it.

The good news is that we’re here to help every step of the way.

Skip Size Infographic

Choosing the right skip size allows you to find a middle ground between budget and what is required to finish the job quickly without unnecessary trips to empty your skip.

We won’t just sort your booking with you, we’re here to help if you need an extra one or need the existing one for a different the period, or even just to move it for you.

Our aim is to make sure that you get enough support to make hiring a skip a pleasant task.

One of the hardest things to do is to decide which size you need. You may hear a variety of descriptions:

Choosing: Large Skip or Small

This is the small option, designed to take up to 45 bags of rubbish and is a great option if you’ve just got a small amount of clearance to do. For example, you’re tidying items out of your garden or have just redecorated a room.

The medium skip can handle 65 rubbish bags. This is the option to consider if you’re undertaking a bathroom replacement, or perhaps even a kitchen, depending on the amount of work you’ll be doing.

The 8-yard skip is the largest you can put on the public highway, (with permit), and can handle as many as 80 bags. This is the right option if you’re undertaking extensive renovations.

But, it can be hard to envision what a small or large actually is, or how many bags of rubbish you’ll end up with. The key is to envision the waste as best as you can then talk to us, it will help you to choose the right one for your needs.

Fortunately, we’re here to help you understand the exact dimensions, whether you’re interested in mini containers or the largest one you can put on a public highway. Simply tell us what project you have in hand and we’ll guide you through the decision process to ensure you have the right size for your project.

We appreciate that too big means you’re wasting money through unused space, but that too small means paying for a second skip. Give Impala a call today and discover how we can help you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Permit?

Depends. If your skip will be placed OFF-ROAD (private property) then you don’t need any permit. However skip placed ON-ROAD (street, footpath) requires a permit.

How to apply for a permit and what is the cost?

In most cases, you can apply online on or simply contact your local council. The permit fee ranges from £10 to £70(London).

How full can my skip be?

Waste pile can’t be higher than the skip upper edge. Anything over is considered unsafe to any type of road transport.

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