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If you’re planning or in the middle of a renovation, small DIY project, or simply want to tidy your house and garden, you’re quickly going to appreciate how much waste these types of projects produce.

If you’re not already thinking about skip hire in West Midlands Wolverhampton then you need to be. Of course, you can drive the waste to your local waste and recycling centre. However, you can only take a car in without a trailer. Add a trailer or a van and you’re going to need to book in advance.

It’s the same story whether you visit the Anchor Lane site or the Shaw Road one.

Don’t forget, the council are taking waste seriously. With the new recycling plant in Bushbury it is now possible to recycle the ash produced after burning waste such as metals, brick, rubble, etc. The plant is set to be able to handle 200,000 tons of this ash per year!

In short, disposing of your waste is not simple. But, it can be if you decide to use a local skip hire firm that offers to do it for you. There are plenty of companies advertising these types of services, but, if you’re interested in a hassle free experience with competitive prices you need to contact Impala today.

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Why Choose a Skip?

Why Hire A Skip

We are a national company with an office in Wolverhampton. The office is staffed locally giving you expert local knowledge and fast or same day delivery.

The local office is backed at a national level, ensuring you get the very best prices and service, you’ll be hard pushed to find another local company offering you this high-quality and cost effective hire services.

Our experience, combined with excellent customer service, ensures that we can offer the perfect solution, whether you need a large skip, one the same day, or simply need to know the best prices. Our team are here to help.

In addition, they’ll help you decide if you’re intended waste skip bin hire is possible without a permit. In general, a permit is needed if you intend to put a skip on the public highway. It can take several days to get the permit and the paperwork must be completed before we can deliver your order.

In short, we’re the local company that will look after you, allowing you to focus on getting rid of the waste properly and completing your project. Give Impala a call today and check out our impressively competitive skip hire prices!

Bulk Construction Waste

There is a lot of waste generated where there is ongoing construction, be it redoing a pavement or a driveway. The waste generated in the process can be excessively requiring you to spend hours treating it the right way. The best thing to do in such a case would be to hire a skip to put an end to all your troubles.

Domestic Use

Even the slightest of renovation at home leaves behind truck loads of waste, be it remodeling a room, fixing the kitchen repairs or renovating the whole house. Hiring a skip you would be better off without having to think much about this waste.

Waste Clearance

From relocating to renovation, whatever waste you generate would not be your problem if you plan to hire a skip. They would take the waste generated to further sort it out and give it the best legal treatment.

Clearing the landscape

When you decide to re-do the house or just put your garden straight, one thing that would be abundant is waste. All kinds of waste ranging from leaf heaps to weeds to piles of everything, hiring a skip would give it the required treatment leaving your home clean.

Commercial Waste

Doing any commercial activity leaves behind waste. Commercial waste is inevitable while performing any business activity which also does a lot bad to the environment at various levels. Getting help here, you would be able to allow perfect disposal of commercial waste of all sorts.

What can a skip help you with? Most common questions.

What can you put inside a skip?

Now you must also be aware of what can a skip help you with exactly and what they cannot. Since they take complete responsibility for waste disposal in an environmentally friendly way, this means that there are certain restrictions to what they can take with them and what they can’t. Before employing a skip you must study a little about it.

List of things that are not allowed:

  • Asbestos
  • Batteries
  • Bulbs
  • Chemicals
  • Electronics (tv, fridge, freezer, a/c, etc.)
  • Gas bottles
  • Medical (paraphernalia, medications)
  • Oils
  • Full Paint Tins [1]
  • Pesticides
  • Plasterboards [2]
  • Rubber materials (tyres)
  • Toxic items

[1] Empty paint tins are allowed.
[2] Possible with a separate bag, ask for more information before booking.

Check what is allowed:

  • Green waste
  • Soil
  • Branches
  • Furniture
  • Empty Paint Tins
  • Tiles
  • Bricks
  • Mattresses [3]
  • Clothes
  • Metals
  • Wood
  • Cardboard (paper, books)
  • Plastic (Toys)

[3] Ask for more information before booking, additional cost may apply.

There is a reason behind why some items are not allowed to be taken away by skip, with the goal of having everything disposed of in an efficient manner which is good for people as well as for the environment. To give you a practical insight, you must be aware that plasterboards can emit dangerous gases while being decomposed in mixed waste and hence they are to be treated separately.

Disposing of waste comes with a responsibility and hence the skip you hire ensures that everything is going fine. It is important to assess the waste that you are planning to dispose of for which skip would go around with you to check your heap of waste and evaluate it. If there are certain things that need special care or cannot be disposed of in the usual manner they would help you consider it too.

If you are going for skip hire, you would be helping the world in the following ways:

  • Eco-friendly waste management

  • Protection of the community from all kinds of harmful toxins

  • Ensuring waste disposal in one rapid go

  • By helping to manage the work areas

There are different methods and ways that are made use of by the skip hire to ensure that the waste disposal happens in a way that is best suited for the community and at the same time are easy on the pockets.

Now is the time to consider the kind of skip as well as the size of it that you would be requiring. You must carefully consider the waste and the skip containers options available before contracting with one. If the skip container is smaller than your requirements, you would have to spend additional money on going for another round, on the other hand, if the container size is too big for your waste then again you would be incurring costs which weren’t required.

If you would contact a good skip hire agency then they would be able to guide you with the kinds of containers you would want and also the services that would be required. The equipment also varies as per the needs of the waste which is to be disposed of. The equipment required for carrying out garden waste disposal would be different from construction activities waste disposal. To make you choose easily, the skip hire services have been broken down into the following categories to aid you.

Small or Large Skip? - Sizes Gude

One of the hardest things can be ordering the right size. It’s easy to ring up for a mini or small skip. But, if this isn’t big enough for your needs it’s a false economy, hiring a second one to complete the job is more expensive than hiring a slightly larger skip in the first place.

It can help to be aware of the different sizes on offer, this will help to ensure you really do get a cost effective solution instead of paying the hire charge twice.

Mini Skip

These are perfectly sized for small projects such as gardening or refitting and are available in 2 and 3 yard sizes. They can handle the waste which has been accumulated on a smaller scale because of the following specialties:

  1. These are the best solution for handling household waste at a small level. You can save a great deal of time and deal with the mess easily by dumping your waste into this skip.

  2. It at times becomes highly inconvenient to place skips in congested places. With this mini-sized skip, you can manage up to 3 tons of waste with the skip taking minimal space.

  3. The effectiveness with which these skips can be used makes them a convenient option for household purposes.

2 Yard Skip

Builders Skips

This is a large skip and generally the largest one you’ll be allowed to place on the pubic highway with a permit. It can handle up to 80 sacks of rubbish and is a great option if you’re renovating the whole house. The unique features of builders skip are:

  1. If you are working on some large scale projects which involve rubble as a waste, these boxes can do the work aptly.

  2. You can get the waste managed at ease without having to move around with it time and again to the garbage truck.

  3. You can easily cut down transportation costs as well as save time and money.

  4. This skip is ideal for small home renovations as well as office construction.

6 Yard Skip

Popular Choice for One Room Renovation

Maxi Skips

If you want a little bigger skip which can be used at construction sites or commercial sites, then this 12 yards skip would do the job. The skip takes a little more space on site but can store a lot of waste. The advantages it carries are:

  1. It will help keep commercial and construction sites clean leading to convenience.

  2. If the waste generated is huge and inclusive of debris and bulky waste, this skip would be ideal for you.

10 Yard Skip

RoRo Skips

The RoRo skills are roll on and roll off skips which measure between 20 and 40 yards. These have been specifically made for commercial purposes and might not be apt for domestic uses due to the large area they require. The advantages of these skips are:

  1. These skips are equipped with doors helping ease the roll-on and roll of the procedure.

  2. If you have huge tones of waste to get rid of, these containers would be your ideal choice.

  3. These are popular among the construction industry as they have a huge waste collection to deal with.

40 Yard Skip

Lockable Skips

There are waste materials that you wouldn’t want should be exposed and hence you can cover them and lock them up. These containers are available in different configurations with the following advantages:

  1. The best part is, of course, the safety they provide to the users which is much appreciated.

  2. Padlocks and chains can be put on them, making them extremely safe and solid.

  3. These containers are also equipped with doors and lids to provide further ease.

Click here for more information and the full skip size guide

What’re Prices in Wolverhampton?

There are various factors that are detrimental in deciding the cost of the skips that you are hiring such as the location, the duration for which you need a skip as well as the hire permits which are needed at certain locations. Let us study these factors in detail.

Pricing by Size

The major factor in pricing the skip is its size which counts for 90% of the total cost. The larger would be the size of your container, the more it would demand you to pay. You must study your needs well before you go on to contract for one.

The responsibility of removing the containers would be of the skip hire. You must also consider well what things you are including and what you are not as the main purpose of both the skip hire and the waste removal industry is to get the waste recycled. So deciding well can save money as almost 80% of the waste would be recycled.

Costs of Council Permits

In some cases, you’ll need a permit to have a skip at your home. The general rule is that this is only necessary if the skip is going to be placed on a public highway. Permits are generally valid for either 1 to 2 weeks, prolonging them is possible but you’ll have to pay an extra fee.

We can help you establish the best spot to place your skip, keep it there for the shortest time possible, and get the permit you need. It does take 4-5 days to get a permit and you’ll need it before the skip is delivered.

You may also need to have lights around a skip on the public highway to ensure people don’t crash into it.

The good news is that although it sounds confusing and complicated, we can help you through the process or even do it for you, just call us today and get the skip you need.

Check the council website and apply for a permit.


Another factor that plays a key role in deciding the cost of skip hire is the time period for which you would need it. Especially if you are using council property and need extensions, your cost would be majorly affected. You must consider all these factors before you apply for skip hire.

Hidden Charges

If you are contracting with a good skip hire firm, you wouldn’t have to worry about any of it. However, there might be sudden charges coming up due to your mistake of putting in things that are not supposed to be put in skips. In addition to this, make it a point that you are checking the Value Added Tax appropriately before entering into a contract.


This would also be a factor while deciding what you would have to pay. The cost of the permit, as well as other services you are availing, might be different in different locations.

Can You Make This Service Cheaper?

Avoid Council Permits

After having gone through what these services can cost you, you might be scared about the amount that you would need. Hence, to put your worries to rest we would now tell you ways in which you can reduce the costs of skip hire.

Be careful about the items

You must be very careful while putting things in the skip. The environmental aspect plays a great role in these services and the last thing the company would want is you to mix some undesirable items [5]. You can be fined by the company and might have to pay huge sums, so make sure that you are being extremely careful in this regard.

Stay way from overloading

There would very often be a maximum filling line present in the container that you would take. Make sure that you are not overloading the skip as well as that you are not exceeding the weight limit since it can make the whole process dangerous. If you enter into any of these activities, you would have to end up splitting the waste into two containers adding to both the cost and the time.


Try Splitting the Cost

You would be able to cut down the cost of the whole project if you choose to involve some of your neighbours in it. This would be in the best interest of both of you. You can also find people around you who are looking for similar services on Next-door.

Book in Advance.

If you would decide to book in skip hire at the last moment it will obviously come with additional costs. Try to look for the services that you want timely so as to also claim the early bird discount offers. With that, also keep in mind the busiest months of the company.

Live Update of how busy the Wolverhampton skip hire is across our industry. Basted on average searches and interest on Google search engine.

Things that you must avoid doing?

  • Never overload the skip as it might be dangerous both for the machinery which will be used o carry it as well as for people who would come in contact with the protruding items.

  • You must study the items which are not allowed carefully and restrict putting them. The skip hire is not licensed for disposing of everything which you must respect.

  • Never keep the skip on any public place without having a permit which allows you to do so.

  • Do not place the skip on soft or sensitive places that can be damaged by it.

  • Make sure that you sure not causing anybody inconvenience in ways such as blocking the traffic.

What Paperwork Can I Expect?

When the skip gets delivered to you, you would receive a delivery ticket. Likewise, when the skip hire comes to take along the skip you would be given a waste transfer note. These papers would provide you with all the information you need including the company’s details, the date as well as the details of the waste removal.

How long can you hire a skip for?

Generally, user projects demand skips for a span of seven to ten days to fulfill their functions. However, they can also be hired for a lesser as well as longer duration which entirely depends on the availability. Keeping this in mind, you must talk to the company well in advance to look for availability and book one for yourself.

Where Does My Waste End Up?

Having hired a skip you must also be aware of the final destination of your waste. The main purpose of skip is to take care of the waste in such a manner that is best for the environment and the people which is also the way in which they are trained. Recycling and repurposing — avoiding taking waste to a landfill —this is the priority of the skip hire. The waste once collected is isolated and separated. The different processes of compaction, shredding, and screening are followed. Finally, the waste which is collected from your location is delivered at a recycling site, a landfill, or an energy source location where it is decomposed in a safe as well as a legal way.


Skip hire is the best way in which you can treat rubbish. People generally don’t know what to do with it which makes the entire process extremely difficult. Skip hire would solve all these issues of yours making you be without any worry about the waste that you would generate.

Impala Skip Hire is one such professional agency where they understand your needs and are there to help you and guide you in any manner you would appreciate. They would also help you to pack the truckloads of waste that you have in a good way by breaking it into smaller pieces and maybe by putting the heavier and larger things at the bottom to make more space in the container. At Impala Skip Hire, they promise the best services which are convenient as well as affordable and also ensure timely delivery and pick up of the containers.

Choose Impala skip hire Wolverhampton and you’ll be working with one of the best companies in the area. That’s not just because we offer cheap local skip hire, it’s because we actually care about you and your needs.

Give us a call today and you’ll instantly note how friendly and helpful our staff is. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for a mini skip, same day skip, or just want to find out the best skip hire prices, we’re here to help you!

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